We offer excellent rental bus and minibus services, in Rome as well as the countryside. Our dynamic and modern company can count on twenty years of experience of management, employees and drivers. Thanks to a transport fleet comprising fifteen among buses and minibuses, all of which are modern and equipped with the best amenities, we collaborate with different travel agencies, ship owners, administrations and schools. Our company, located in a strategic area in Rome, allows reaching the main receptive points of the capital in a short time; our staff is prepared and ready to offer the necessary support to address every need of travelers; we have always paid the highest attention to safety and sustainability, respecting European laws, both in terms of respect of the environment as well as safety.

Our objective: the travelers’ satisfaction

We guarantee the best

Our mission is to guarantee the best in all we do, as we are guided by a sense of responsibility as well as by the passion we put in our work.

Comfort, efficiency, punctuality, being always available and safety are our trademarks, and these features allow us to reach our main objective: the satisfaction of our passengers.

Innovation, efficiency and respect for the environment

Efficient and efficacious logistics

We aim to offer a top service in the rental sector. Growing for us does not only mean expanding our motor pool, but also improving the service. We do this by investing in technology to guarantee the highest degree of innovation and efficiency. We regularly update our motor fleet by introducing new models of buses and making specific investments. We are an eco-friendly company: thanks to a careful and meticulous maintenance practice, and to the attention we pay to new technologies, we offer a bus rental service with a minimal environmental impact.
The management of the company is also modern, as we invested in advanced software, ensuring potent and efficacious logistics to be able to offer a bus rental service of high quality also during big events. Access to our services is simple and fast, since we reduced bureaucratic procedures to the minimum amount.

“Every hundred feet the world changes”


cit. (Roberto Bolaño)



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