Terms and conditions of the service

1. Price of the Transportation Service

1.1 The rental of the vehicle, the driver’s labor (the driver), consumption (fuel, lubricants, antifreezes, etc.), the motorway tolls, and the third party insurance transported are included in the price.

1.2 Unless otherwise specified at the time of booking, the following are to be paid by the User:

  • driver’s board and lodging expenses;
  • parking, ZTL passes, checkpoints, city entry fees, ferries, tunnels, tunnels, bridges, crossing points and other similar expenses;
  • any changes to the route or times which involve the Supplier in excess of charges compared to those envisaged at the time of booking.

1.3 With reference to point 1.2, the Supplier undertakes to notify the User in advance of all the expenses of which he is aware. It should be noted that some costs are established at the municipal level and therefore subject to periodic and not always predictable variations.

2. Service schedule

2.1 The travel route is established on the basis of the choice that the company providing the service deems cheapest and safest for both parties.

2.2 The program is agreed between the parties in the estimate phase.

2.3 For any changes during the process, communication and therefore authorization from the company itself is required. The change will be noted directly on the driver’s journey sheet.

3. Departure address (pick-up)

3.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the departure address indicated allows for easy loading and unloading operations. In the event that the vehicle is unable to reach the requested pick-up location, the Supplier makes use of the right to change the departure address requested by the User with an address close to it.

4. List of Names of Passengers participating in the journey

4.1 The User is required to prepare the list of names of the passengers participating in the journey and undertakes to show it or send a copy if requested by the Authorities or by the Supplier.

5. Driver’s mobile phone communication

5.1 The driver’s mobile phone will be communicated to the User the day before the journey not before 19.00.

6. Supplier Disclaimer

6.1 The Supplier cannot be held responsible for any damage of any kind and/or nature suffered by the User due to any event of force majeure or beyond its control.

6.2 Similarly, no responsibility can be attributed to the Supplier, and no reimbursement by the same will be admitted, in the event of travel interruption or any delays always due to force majeure or beyond its control. In the event of a breakdown, the Supplier undertakes to provide a replacement service, taking charge of all the costs associated with it.

6.3 Purely by way of example, the following constitutes an event of force majeure or beyond the control of the Supplier:

  • variation of the planned itinerary, due to the closure of roads due to weather conditions, the closure of passes or roads due to snow, the carrying out of sporting events, demonstrations, obstacles, dangerous situations, or any other type of problem not attributable to him;
  • inability to continue due to unforeseeable circumstances, checkpoints, strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, terrorist activities, natural or nuclear disasters, fire or severe weather conditions, unforeseeable transportation problems, port and airport closures or congestion, accidents on the service itinerary, unexpected traffic, riots, technical problems or local unrest;
  • technical problems or the possible breakdown of the rented vehicle during the journey, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Supplier. If a breakdown occurs, a technical problem, and/or the transport has to be interrupted due to vehicle breakdown, the Supplier undertakes to organize a replacement service to allow the User to reach the final destination, and will do its best to do so. continue the service with the least possible inconvenience for passengers. The cost of the replacement service will be borne by the Supplier.

6.5 It is the User’s responsibility to plan their journey so that there is sufficient time to guarantee connections with other means of transport. Connections with other transport services not managed by the Supplier cannot be guaranteed.

The Supplier is not responsible for the non-connection with transport services insured by other transport companies whether they are land, sea, air or railway, whatever the cause that led to the delay with respect to the scheduled arrival time.

7. Subcontracting

7.1 The Supplier reserves the right, if necessary, to subcontract the requested service, relying on qualified and reliable suppliers, in accordance with its Quality Management System.

8. Obligation to inform the User for “Risky Travel”

8.1 The User is obliged to inform the Supplier, in advance of the departure date (at least 14 days before), about the so-called “risk trips”. Trips that are at risk to safety along the way are considered such – for example: football matches, derbies, demonstrations – and in cases where the presence of law enforcement can be expected.

8.2 In the event of such a risky trip, the Supplier reserves the right to cancel the trip booked by the User, or withdraw from the contract. If the withdrawal / cancellation is made by the Supplier, the customer will be informed within a period of 14 days before departure.

8.3 In the actual case of a trip at risk not communicated by the User as provided above, the Supplier reserves the right (before, during) to cancel or interrupt the trip. The User cannot claim compensation for damages, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the Supplier. All requests from the User will be judged by the Supplier himself.

9. Repair or Cleaning Costs and Damage Claims

9.1 The User will be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage or necessary cleaning to the Supplier’s vehicles and property, if such damage and necessary cleaning exceeds normal “wear and tear” (“Repair or Cleaning”).

9.2 In the event that a Supplier indicates the need for Repair or Cleaning the user will have to compensate the costs of such Repair or Cleaning.

9.3 As a passenger, the User is responsible for leaving the rented vehicle in the condition it was in at the time of departure. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own acts or omissions, as well as for the acts or omissions of any individual you invite, or are otherwise permitted onto the rental vehicle. In the event that a Supplier complains and provides proof of damages (“Damage Claim”), you agree to pay the cost of replacing the damaged items.

9.4 It is up to the User to prove that the damage was not caused by him or that the amount of the damage is less than the amount charged.

10. Baggage transport

10.1 Luggage will be accepted up to the capacity of the luggage compartment. Responsibility for loading and unloading baggage rests solely with the User and the passengers. There is no obligation for the driver or other bus staff to handle luggage.

10.2 In case of unexpected assistance from the driver or other staff of the bus itself, it is a pure act of courtesy, but the responsibility always remains with the customer, with the exception of cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence. The trunk of the vehicle must be opened and closed only and exclusively by the staff in charge (drivers).

10.3 The Supplier is not liable in the event of loss, theft or exchange of luggage. Even in cases resulting from a vehicle accident. It is not liable for damage or breakage caused to passengers’ luggage, or to their packaging. Furthermore, the Supplier does not assume responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to any valuable object, such as cash, jewellery, precious metals, keys, sunglasses and/or eyeglasses, electronic devices (laptops, iPads, tablets , MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras), contact lenses, prostheses, medicines, important documents, etc. and any fragile object.

10.4 In the event of loss of luggage or other objects, the Supplier will make every effort to verify if they have been found. It will be the passenger’s responsibility to recover the objects and any expenses to send them to him will be at his expense.

11. Transportation of pets

11.1 The transport of animals of any kind is not permitted. Only after agreements made between the parties, animals will be allowed on board, with a muzzle, leash and cage. The responsibility of the same rests fully with the owner, for damages caused to the bus or to people, with immediate compensation for any damages.

12. Bus seats, seat belts, parking in unauthorized places, infringements and penalties.

12.1 The boarding of passengers beyond the maximum permitted number, indicated on the registration certificate, is not permitted.

12.2 All passengers are required to remain seated and wear seat belts until the engine is switched off.

12.3. Each passenger is required to comply with the provisions contained in article 172 of the Highway Code, (as amended by Legislative Decree 13 March 2006, n.150 implementing the community directive 2003/20/EC) relating to the compulsory use of seat belts and child restraint systems in vehicles. The passenger is therefore required to fasten the seat belt and in the event of non-compliance, the offender is responsible personally, and in the case of minors, the person responsible is the companion. Any sanctions or infringements contested against the service carrier and attributable to the passenger (e.g. unfastened seat belts, request to stop in unauthorized places, etc.) will be charged to the User, in addition to the management costs of the file.

13. Passengers’ liability for international travel

13.1 In the case of international flights, the passenger is personally responsible for compliance with the regulations on passports, visas, foreign currency, customs and health protection. The consequences deriving from failure to comply with these regulations are the responsibility of the passenger.

13.2 During international journeys, the passenger is obliged to bring with him all the documents and identity cards necessary for crossing borders and to show them, where required, to the driver and service personnel.

13.3 Delivered baggage must not be locked in order to facilitate customs operations. The passenger is obliged to transport only goods exempt from customs duties, by type and quantity.

14. Correspondence of the booked vehicle to the vehicle shown in the booking

14.1 The Supplier is unable to guarantee a particular vehicle model. The vehicles shown on the Platform are for illustrative purposes only and, if necessary, could be replaced by other similar or superior models.

15. Insurance

15.1 The vehicles are regularly insured according to the current provisions of the law and the maximum coverage varies according to the vehicle booked. All our vehicles are insured with ceilings well above the minimum legal ones

16. General rules on driving and rest times for drivers

16.1 In order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings with the User and passengers, we inform you that bus drivers are bound to comply with the regulations in force regarding driving and rest times.

16.2 The transport service, in order to meet the safety requirements, must compulsorily comply with Community regulation no. 561/2006, which allows a driving time of:

  • maximum 9 hours of daily driving;
  • maximum 10 hours of daily driving twice a week;
  • maximum 56 hours of driving per week (four days 9 hours, and two days 10 hours);
  • maximum 90 hours of driving over a two-week period.

The driver’s daily driving hours also include the driving time necessary to reach the starting address indicated by the User, starting from the Supplier’s headquarters/shed, and returning to the Supplier’s headquarters/shed, once finished travel.

16.3 The driver of the vehicle must by law take a break every 4 and a half hours of driving. The break can be done in one of two ways:

  • a single break of 45 consecutive minutes, after the 4 and a half hours of driving;
  • two breaks, without fail of at least 15 and 30 minutes each, within the 4 and a half hours of driving.

The second break must be 30 minutes long even if the first break lasted more than 15 minutes.

If necessary, the driver may at his discretion increase the number and duration of driving breaks.

16.4 The driver of the vehicle must rest for 11 consecutive hours in the space of 24 hours, with the possibility of derogation 3 days a week, but in any case, never less than 9 consecutive hours.

16.5 The driver of the vehicle has the right, every 6 days of service, to rest for at least 24 consecutive hours. The rest foreseen regularly is 45 consecutive hours. In the event that the driver rests for a lower number of hours (for example 24 hours) the difference with the relative increase must be recovered within the following three weeks.

16.6 The maximum daily commitment of the Driver is 13 hours.

The maximum daily commitment of the Driver must also include the driving time necessary to reach the departure address indicated by the User, starting from the Supplier’s premises/remittance, and to return to the Supplier’s headquarters/remittance, once finished the trip.

16.7 If two drivers are employed who take turns driving the vehicle, every 30 hours both must be able to take advantage of a daily rest period of 9 uninterrupted hours.

16.8 Failure to comply with these rules provides for the deduction of 2 points from the driver’s license, in addition to the detention on the spot for the bus. Please therefore be understanding towards the drivers if they are unable to carry out or extend a visit, perhaps requested even at the last moment, and especially at night, or to make a detour.

17. Pick-up waiting times and extra hours

17.1 In the case of booking individual transfers, the bus will wait for customers at the point agreed with them, for a maximum of 20 minutes, after which this will be deemed free from any constraints and the service will be considered performed. In the aforementioned case, no refund will be given to the User. If the latter deems a longer wait necessary, he can communicate it within 1 day (24 hours) of the performance of the service and, if the Supplier is able to satisfy the request, a sum equal to €50 will be credited for each extra hour of waiting.

17.2 In the case of a multi-hour rental, the User undertakes to observe the times provided to the Supplier, in the event that these are not respected, it will be the Supplier’s discretion to decide whether to continue the journey. In the event that this occurs, a sum of €50 will be credited for each extra hour of service

18. Behavior of the passenger

18.1 It is strictly forbidden for the passenger:

  • yelling, making noises and anything that can disturb the driver;
  • smoking in the rental vehicle; this prohibition also extends to electronic cigarettes;
  • consume meals and/or food and alcoholic beverages on board;
  • stand in the aisle during the journey;
  • clutter up the passage and ascent areas;
  • tampering with vehicle equipment;
  • boarding while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Any behavior that differs from that described above will result in the non-application of the envisaged insurances.

18.2 The Supplier – through its delegated drivers – may refuse carriage to any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who constitutes a danger for the driver of the car and for the other passengers.

19. Tips for drivers

19.1 The price paid by the User to is intended to fully compensate the Supplier for the services or goods supplied.

19.2 It is not compulsory to tip the driver of the vehicle; however, if you were satisfied with the service, a voluntary contribution is certainly welcome.

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